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From printed to digital templates
Technological change poses some inconvenience as new processes and programs are developed. So with change comes the opportunity to make the transition from printed to digital templates flow smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. With advancements in radiology equipment and software, innovative imaging and communication systems now give surgeons quicker access to the best implant choices while lowering their O.R. costs. CATTS, Inc. can help you keep your templates and products readily available in the network systems. And it is with this new technology that CATTS, Inc. is able to offer complete template services from hard copy templates to precision digital file formats to file management and archive services.

From CATTS, Inc. to digital communication networks
Digital communication needs in radiology include the processing and interoperability of orthopaedic x-ray overlay templates. The ability to integrate both image and written data simultaneously involves a complex picture archival and communication network system. Network systems are currently being marketed to meet the demands in the radiation sciences. CATTS, Inc. understands the difficulties of interfacing different computer systems and has effectively developed interactive orthopaedic overlay template files necessary to realize the full potential of the future in radiology digital communication.

From CATTS, Inc. file development to archiving management
As radiology moves ahead into direct digital imaging systems, CATTS, Inc. can help ease the transition from printed orthopaedic templates to system specific digital file formats. CATTS, Inc. offers expertise in file development, processing and archiving. With proven success in producing quality files we can provide your medical imaging professionals with the high standard of accuracy and consistency the orthopaedic industry requires. Our many years of print graphic production and technical drawing experience has helped establish an outstanding reputation for exceptional quality.

CATTS, Inc. is your solution for streamlining and eliminating the burden of additional printing and file preparation time and costs with the Computer Aided Template Technology System's full file management and secure archives for your printed and digital orthopaedic radiology overlay templates.

Policies of confidentiality
All customer files and information are considered proprietary and go no further than our office. Our versatility allows us to work in conformance with all software or PACS vendor(s) requirements. CATTS, Inc. offers a solution to bridge the gap between the Orthopaedic Manufacturers and PACS vendors. As an independent third party provider CATTS, Inc. functions as a central "hub" (source) providing an easy seamless process for hospitals and doctors to obtain the needed digital files from multiple manufacturers. Therefore, any non-disclosures or legal agreements are between our company and yours, allowing us to guarantee our services. It is the responsibility of the software company or PACS vendor(s) of your choice to guarantee that the integrity of our files is held within their PACS system.