Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I consider digital templates?

    The radiology industry has requested that the orthopaedic industry supply digital templates for the new technology of digital imaging. Today healthcare organizations are faced with the challenge of delivering medical excellence in an environment that is more cost-contained and competitive than ever. Digital templates allow you to reduce internal costs for radiology archiving space, which, in turn, saves you money.

    In addition, the use of digital images provides an opportunity to improve the accuracy of templating by reducing the problem of scale. Digital templates are produced at a scale 1:1. Providing that the original x-ray is acquired with a suitable scale, the templates can then be imported at exactly the correct scale.

  • Why is CATTS, Inc. the best choice in digital templating?

    CATTS is the only qualified neutral party to produce digital templates on a global basis. Our process enables us to produce accurate files for the orthopaedic manufacturers and directly distribute the files to PACS vendors. The advantage of digital templating is that it allows for flexibility in distribution of the templates because there is only one proofing process for many PACS vendor applications, formats and distribution of the files.
  • How do I get started in the process of obtaining digital templates?

    As Radiology moves ahead into direct digital imaging systems, CATTS, Inc. can help ease the transition from printed orthopaedic templates to PACS system specific digital file formats. CATTS, Inc. has set the standard.

    A copy of your electronic files will be required for CATTS, Inc. to begin the setup of your digital template. Technical drawing or pre-press graphic file formats are acceptable on CD (files should not be emailed) along with a printed hardcopy template if available or a plot of the system to be formatted.

    CATTS, Inc. digital templates are created according to the "CATTS Standard" recognized as the industry standard for hpgl template layers as well as dxf and redefined dxf files. Manufacturer or PACS specific requirements are also accommodated.

    1:1 color print outs will be returned for proofing. CATTS, Inc. follows a proofing and sign off process in accordance to ISO 9001:2001 and FDA/CFR(CGMP)20:1996 Section 7, 820.70I(23)) and Return authorized proofs to CATTS, Inc. for completion.

    Lastly, CATTS, Inc. will finalize the digital file formats as required for the various PACS vendors. A master CD is sent (with final color print out) to use for internal distribution to your PACS vendors and one CD with your files formatted for your specific archive system.

    You may also take advantage of convenient and cost effective secured Web distribution available through CATTS, Inc. Web site, with the option of linking to your own Web site. Please call for more information and a demo file of our Web distribution process.

  • When should I consider implementing digital templates into our marketing program?

    You should consider it now, if you wish to be on the cutting edge of this new technology. As healthcare organizations begin to take advantage of new Web-based technologies, the marketplace is beginning to see changes that will ultimately improve doctor and patient relationships, but also cost-efficiencies, workflow and quality of care. Due to this advancement in technology the orthopaedic industry has been forced to develop a marketing process and new procedures to satisfy quality assurance.
  • How can I be sure the digital templates will hold their integrity for accurate files?

    For optimum accuracy in the geometry, digital templating retains the integrity of the database of the manufacturer's file type provided to CATTS, Inc. Scaling to 1:1 is validated electronically within the digital file and manually with registered calibration tools as well as visual comparison to your hardcopy template or plot. Digital templating proves to be the most accurate device for file integrity and diagnostic planning.
  • How much does it cost to set-up digital templates?

    As with most things, it depends on your individual need. Call CATTS, Inc. at 260-637-2920 and we'll be happy to discuss your best option and walk you through the pricing of that option. (Cost comparison sample)
  • How do I choose a PACS vendor?

    Your customers will govern that choice depending upon which PACS system they install at their hospitals and offices. A contractual agreement will be signed between the manufacturer and the PACS vendor. Numerous PACS vendors may be authorized by the orthopaedic manufacturer to supply them with files for distribution.
  • How do I obtain a differently formatted file to satisfy a PACS vendor's particular requirements?

    Ask CATTS, Inc. about a secured distribution area tailored for you on their web site.