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As manufacturers of precision engineered hard copy graphic overlays and proprietary processing of interactive digital overlays for use in orthopedic pre-operative planning, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, user friendly, and cost effective orthopedic radiology templates by offering complete template services. From hard copy templates to interactive digital file formats to file management and archive services, CATTS Inc. is the premier provider of graphic and digital templates to the global orthopedic industry.

Enhancing the utility of hard copy templates with the precision of digital file formats allows CATTS Inc. to maintain the integrity of the engineer's original product drawing and offers a solution to bridge the gap between the Orthopedic Manufacturers and PACS vendors. As an independent third party provider CATTS, Inc. functions as a central "hub" (source) providing a seamless process for hospitals and doctors to obtain the needed digital files from multiple manufacturers.

Orthopedic Services Offered by CATTS Inc. 

Graphic Overlays
Digital Overlays
Archiving and Library Services
Case and Tray Printing
Laser Marking
Permanent UID Tags

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